Terms and Conditions

  1. To qualify for admission to the scheme the rental charge must be paid on the date the books are collected.
  2. Each pupil/parent will be required to sign a receipt for the books supplied which will be retained in the school. The books supplied under the scheme will remain the property of the school and may be subject to inspection at any time by a member of the teaching staff.
  3. Membership of the scheme is at the discretion of the School Principal. Any pupil found to be abusing or defacing rented books will be dismissed from the scheme and will be required to supply their own textbooks for the remainder of their time in the school. Parents/Guardians are requested to check their child’s books from time to time to ensure they are being kept in good condition.

Admission to the scheme in the second and subsequent years is conditional of the safe return of all books supplied in the previous year.