Junior Cycle Reform:  Business Studies Syllabus 2016 onwards

This new specification for junior cycle business studies will be taken by first year students from September 2016. The specification covers teaching, learning and assessment in business studies for the first, second and third years in post-primary school. 

The specification focuses on improving students' understanding of the business environment and on developing skills for life, work and further study through the three inter-connected strands: Personal Finance, Enterprise and Our Economy.




Pre September 2016 Business Studies Syllabus


The Business Studies Junior Cycle curriculum comprises of four main topics. 


The Business of Living

Economics Awareness


Information Technology



Roscommon Community College recognise the importance of studying Business, as it is a required skill for everyday living from a young age. With this in mind Business Studies is a core subject up to the Junior Certificate Exam.


Subject Aims

  • To contribute to a balanced and appropriate general education at the Junior Cycle and, leading to the personal solving at an appropriate level.
  • To develop, in each student, habits and methods of investigation, analysis and problem solving at an appropriate level.
  • To familiarise each student with technological developments in the business environment.
  • To encourage initiative and develop self reliance in each student.
  • To provide each student with an appropriate level of economic/business literacy.
  • To develop in each student a positive attitude to the creation of wealth and its distribution.
  • To provide a foundation for students to enter employment of further studies in the business field.


Subject Objectives

  • To encourage in students an interest in, and a positive attitude towards, the business world and to enable them to acquire a knowledge and an understanding of commercial activities and to provide an introduction to the structures and functions of business institutions and their inter-relationships.
  • To develop in students skills of communication, use of technology and recording of information and transactions.
  • To enable students to apply oral and written communication skills to business activities and to develop the vocabulary necessary for further progress in the business world.
  • To enable the students to develop mathematical competence, neatness and accuracy in respect of recording transactions, summarising these and interpreting the results.
  • To develop the skill of accurate keyboarding.
  • To develop in students an understanding of new information technologies and, as far as possible, to enable them to establish a practical and useful skill in the use of computers and office technology.
  • To enable students to integrate knowledge and skill in a practical and useful way and in particular in applying them to realistic business/personal situations.
  • To encourage students to apply business knowledge and skills to the commercial aspects of their own lives and that of their households.
  • To develop a positive attitude towards budgeting in the personal, business and national context.
  • To develop an awareness of the market forces at work in society and to develop a discriminating attitude in dealing with them.
  • To develop an openness to and appreciation of the differing viewpoints in industrial relations.
  • To develop an appreciation of accounts as a form of communication and to develop confidence in reading accounts.
  • To develop a positive attitude towards entrepreneurs, towards profits, towards the creation of wealth and its distribution.
  • To develop a confidence when dealing orally or in writing with financial institutions.
  • To develop a positive attitude towards acquiring foreign language skills.
  • To develop an awareness of the important role of the state in economic affairs and how that role might be manifested.
  • To appreciate the importance of acquiring basic economic literacy in order to make informed political choices.
  • To develop a positive attitude towards technological development in the domestic, business and industrial world. 




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