23rd May 2019

Congratulations to RCC's Ladies Cadet Volleyball team who received the Roscommon Herald Supervalu Sportstar of the Year Award for their All-Ireland Ladies Cadet Volleyball.



23rd May 2019

The Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board (GRETB) Awards took place on Thursday, 9th May 2019, in the Clayton Hotel, Ballybrit, Galway.  Mr David Leahy, Chief Executive Officer of Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board (GRETB), took the opportunity to congratulate the award recipients on receiving their respective awards. Recipients from RCC included Kyle Geraghty, Personal Achievement Award, Ina Van Opstal, Captain of the All-Ireland Ladies Cadet Volleyball Team and Ben Finnerty, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award. In his address Mr Leahy discussed what determines the likelihood of success in life. One trait, identified by Mr Leahy, that can predict future success in life is ‘dreaming’.  He enforced the idea that dreaming can instill a strong purpose, dreaming can cause one to pursue and dream with great intensity. Well done to all of our worthy recipients.







23rd May 2019

Our Transition Year students competed in Roscommon County Council Anti- Litter Cinema Campaign. They produced, with assistance from SkyRocket Media, a fantastic cinema advertisement showing the damage and effects that littering can have in our community. The angle we focused on was the anti-social effects of littering as we felt that this is an important aspect of littering that is often not highlighted.  We wanted to make it clear to our audience how socially unacceptable littering is. Our tagline was ‘Bin your Litter, Not your Friends’. The advertisement captured a group of friends who gather in the park. One of the group litters and as he walks and litters he loses a member of his group eventually ending up with no friends. His group then show him the error of his ways and, with a new perspective. He learns how unacceptable littering is. Our group accepted the award of ‘Best Screenplay’ at the awards ceremony in C&L Plex on the 8th of May which was richly deserved. This campaign really brought a new awareness to our Transition Year students of the effects and damage littering can have. It made us all more aware of littering blackspots and we took part in many clean up days throughout the year in the surrounding areas. This campaign was a very beneficial part of our Transition Year.

TY students with their teacher Ms Gallagher being awarded ‘Best Screenplay’ for  their Anti-Litter Film



23rd May 2019

From 6th-11th May four teachers from Roscommon Community College, Mr Casserly, Ms Dennigan, Ms Farrell and Ms Healy took part in a continuous professional development course held in Malta and funded by the Erasmus KA1+ Programme of the E.U.. The course was titled: ‘Harmony and Learning: Promoting harmony through class management and mediation techniques, to reduce early school leaving’. Participants of the course came from several European countries.

Throughout the week our teachers engaged in educational workshops that enabled teachers from several European countries to collaborate and create a support network. The educational workshops at the beginning of the week were based on topics such as: cultural challenges within the classroom; teacher’s values for educational coaching into intercultural classroom environment and stereotypes and prejudices in the classroom.

On the first day, participants introduced themselves by using a body movement that best described their name; this was one of several methodologies that our teachers engaged in during the week. The idea behind these practices is to help promote a culturally inclusive classroom without having a language barrier. Conveying meaning through methods other than language is very important in intercultural classroom management and therefore, our teachers felt this was something they could transfer into their classroom. This brought us onto the topic of “culture” and what it meant to each individual and what challenges it brings to the classroom. Discussions then followed about the different cultural stereotypes and prejudices that can exist within a classroom and how we as teachers could collaborate on how to overcome these challenges.

Later in the week, participants had the opportunity to promote their own cultures by presenting their school projects and sharing their experiences of successful ways to communicate and connect within the multi-cultural classroom. Participants worked together to discuss how to communicate effectively by debating a range of conflict handling styles, exercising mediator skills and conversing on the importance of internal and external motivation for students to avoid early school leaving. An important word that was discussed in relation to these topics was “empathy”.  Participants brainstormed on a range of methodologies that could be adapted by teachers to allow for the individual needs of students to be met.

After successfully completing this Erasmus+ Programme, our teachers have come away with enhanced teaching skills and have established links with teachers from other European countries. Overall, it was a very beneficial and enjoyable course. On return, our teachers will share their learnings with all staff of Roscommon Community College and we aim to adopt a whole school approach where these methodologies can be incorporated into our daily teaching.


Certificates of Achievement received by RCC staff for Erasmus+ training followed by an educational tour to discover Malta’s multicultural history.





16th May 2019

The management and staff of Roscommon Community College extend an invitation to all parents of sixth year students to attend the Graduation Ceremony of our Leaving Certificate Class of 2019 which will take place on Tuesday, 21th May 2019 at 7pm in The Abbey Hotel Ballroom. We look forward to seeing you on this very special occasion.