31st January 2019

On Wednesday last, the ‘Big Brother Big Sister’ programme was under full swing as our 1st and Transition Year students had their second get together where they enjoyed many fun activities and got to know one another a bit better. The ‘Big Brother Big Sister’ is a programme set up within our school that helps all incoming 1st year students with their transition from primary school into secondary school. Each 1st year student is paired up with a Transition Year student based on similar personalities, interests and hobbies. The programme recognises that everyone in 1st year is different and that they have different needs, strengths and abilities. The programme ensures that the big brothers and big sisters meet on a regular basis, as they did on Wednesday last, so they can sit down and talk while enjoying a hot chocolate and sweets in a friendly, relaxed and positive environment. This programme also allows participants to take part in fun games such as playing cards, Jenga and chess. ‘Big Brother Big Sister’ is known for enabling students to develop social skills and build friendships. It allows incoming students to feel protected, cared for, safe and supported in their new school environment. The benefits of this programme are invaluable as new students will be given continued support and guidance.