11th April 2019

On Saturday the 6th of April, Roscommon Community College welcomed 6th class students to a fun transition day in the school.  The students had the opportunity to experience Roscommon Community College with their future teachers and some of the current students. We see this as an integral part of student progression and it allows them to begin the process of transitioning from Primary School to Secondary School.

The day was filled with activities for all interests and abilities.  Students took part in engaging science activities: a glow stick experiment to show rates of reaction, a model to demonstrate wave motion using jelly babies and creating a picture of a flower using actual flower parts and labelling them accordingly. Students also partook in activities involving a series of maths challenges with activities including cube construction and following patterns. A language lab was enjoyed by all, learning facts about Germany and playing language games. The home economics kitchen was a keen favourite where coconut buns were produced and packaged for home by students. Students also got to produce their own name tags in the metalwork room and teapot stands in the woodwork room. Paces were tested on the court where students enjoyed a variety of sporting activities. Finally, social dancing was enjoyed where students learned the basics of jiving, The Siege of Ennis, line dancing and The Macarena.

This day allowed students to get to know each other and establish connections before they begin in first year. 


It was wonderful to meet all incoming students and to enjoy interacting with them. We are looking forward to welcoming all of our new students into the school in the new academic year.

An Introduction to the woodwork room for incoming first year students with Mr. Cassidy

Pictured are incoming first year students Emily Carley and Gemma Smyth delighted with their freshly baked coconut buns at RCC's induction day