10th May 2018

In December 2017, they visited Google Headquarters in Dublin. In March 2017, they organised a car wash and a bake sale to raise funds and awareness for Pieta House.  In April 2017 they planned, organised and evaluated a visit in by a local business entrepreneur Liam Mc Neill from Mc Neill’s shop, Roscommon. In November 2018, they invited a representative in from Youth Connect to inform them of their rights and responsibilities as young workers. In April 2018, they also planned, organised and evaluated a visit out to a local business, Molloy’s Bakery. 

The LCVP class of 2018 completed their 6 piece portfolios (60% of their final mark) by early March 2018, including a 5 minute recorded interview. They sat their final exam (40% of their final mark) in early May 2018. We are very proud of the standards we have set for LCVP in Roscommon Community College and we continue to strive to keep our grades well above the national average. 


Well done and best of luck to these students in June.



10th May 2018

On Wednesday the 9th May, one of our 1st Year groups visited the Bank of Ireland. We were met by Catherine Murray, the Youth Co-Ordinator for Roscommon and Leitrim. She went through account opening processes and students witnessed ATM procedures, cash balancing and security procedures.  We ended our visit with an answer and question session and they were spoiled with some lovely snacks.

We would like to extend a very big thank you to Catherine and the Bank of Ireland Team who welcomed us into the Roscommon Branch.  It was a very informative trip and a valuable experience to students as they get to see the services a bank provides first hand.



10th May 2018

Our 5th year students took up the challenge of teaching French in St. Coman's Wood Primary School to 2nd class pupils. The initiative was organised by their teacher Ms. Farrell to allow students teach a topic in French that they felt would be of interest to the primary school pupils. Our students enjoyed designing their own lessons and activities for the class which allowed them experience life as a teacher as well as benefiting their own learning. We would like to sincerely thank Ms. Caroline Dolan and her class for facilitating this collaboration and we hope that we can engage in more co-curricular activities in the future. 


5th year French student Ryan Cox imparting knowledge with the students of St. Coman's Wood





3rd May 2018

Over thirty students travelled to Athlone Institute of Technology last Wednesday as part of this years’ Scifest Competition. The students along with the assistance of Dr Cummins, Dr Shea and Mr Flynn had been preparing their projects since Christmas for the event which saw over two hundred projects entered into the competition across a variety of different categories. The students were each visited by up to three judges throughout the day and engaged in extensive questioning on the details and results of their projects findings. While there were some nervous faces initially, all students performed brilliantly and gave a great account of themselves and their projects.


The school would like to extend a special congratulations to the Transition Year group of Erin Coyne, Evan Croghan and Dylan Beirne who picked up 1st place in the Sports Science category sponsored by Athlone IT. Their project ‘Thermosliothar’ discussed the concept of goalkeepers keeping a heated bag with them to add distance to kickouts/puckouts in cold weather games.



Pictured are Erin Coyne, Evan Croghan and Dylan Beirne collecting their award with their teacher Mr Flynn at the Scifest competition held last week.


Pictured are Transition Year students Lauryn Flaherty and Farrah Rahmat who participated in the Scifest competition held in Athlone IT last Wednesday.







3rd May 2018

Our fifth year English students recently attended a version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in The Hawk’s Well Theatre in Sligo as performed by The Shakespeare Sessions. While the students had already enjoyed reading the play and watching different film adaptations, seeing it where it belongs, on the stage, is a very different and worthwhile experience. The company brought the play to life by breaking down the fourth wall and interacting with the audience. Our students, after some coercion (it is amazing how the sight of a stage and a packed house can make one suddenly timid) became involved in the play itself as lead actors in certain scenes on stage. Playing the role of Banquo or Lady Macbeth on a stage is surely the best way to get inside the mind of a character and they really valued the insight this gave.


This very student friendly and student centred approach to Shakespeare will aid their understanding of the play as the group move into their final year. The major themes were explored along with deeper analysis of characters via a question and answer session towards the end. This had all the mystery and magic of ‘The Scottish Play’ in a way never before seen.