2nd May 2019

Ms Georgina Keena (Principal) in cooperation with the fifth year Business students and their teaching staff were delighted to host a Wrap-Up session at Roscommon Community College on Tuesday 9th April.   BITCI is Ireland’s largest network of companies dedicated to being actively engaged in corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Representatives from the Heat Merchants Group staff who attended the event included the company’s HR Director, Suzanne Devlin; Kate Wickenden, HR Generalist; Store Manager, Frank Connolly; IT Support Analyst, Gerry McLoughlin.  The Company representatives were greeted by the Principal and students who were proud to give the visitors a tour of the school, followed by certificate presentations to all students taking part in the programme.  This was immediately followed by a refreshments reception with the presentation of gifts to Petrina Timoney, BITCI and to Susanne Devlin, on behalf of the Heat Merchants as a gesture of appreciation for all the real world business experience gained from the school-business partnership over the past months.


11th April 2019

On Saturday the 6th of April, Roscommon Community College welcomed 6th class students to a fun transition day in the school.  The students had the opportunity to experience Roscommon Community College with their future teachers and some of the current students. We see this as an integral part of student progression and it allows them to begin the process of transitioning from Primary School to Secondary School.

The day was filled with activities for all interests and abilities.  Students took part in engaging science activities: a glow stick experiment to show rates of reaction, a model to demonstrate wave motion using jelly babies and creating a picture of a flower using actual flower parts and labelling them accordingly. Students also partook in activities involving a series of maths challenges with activities including cube construction and following patterns. A language lab was enjoyed by all, learning facts about Germany and playing language games. The home economics kitchen was a keen favourite where coconut buns were produced and packaged for home by students. Students also got to produce their own name tags in the metalwork room and teapot stands in the woodwork room. Paces were tested on the court where students enjoyed a variety of sporting activities. Finally, social dancing was enjoyed where students learned the basics of jiving, The Siege of Ennis, line dancing and The Macarena.

This day allowed students to get to know each other and establish connections before they begin in first year. 


It was wonderful to meet all incoming students and to enjoy interacting with them. We are looking forward to welcoming all of our new students into the school in the new academic year.

An Introduction to the woodwork room for incoming first year students with Mr. Cassidy

Pictured are incoming first year students Emily Carley and Gemma Smyth delighted with their freshly baked coconut buns at RCC's induction day

11th April 2019

Over four days in the spring of 2019, 37 students from RCC travelled to the Rhineland in Germany for our school tour. There was a buzz of excitement in the school’s GP Room just after midnight on the Saturday of the tour. After a few hours travelling, the group arrived in Cologne. The first port of call was the awe inspiring Kölner Dom. After enjoying some Schnitzel and Bratwurst for lunch, there was a climb up the towering spire of the gothic cathedral. After climbing the 533 step spiral staircase to the top, students were treated to a panoramic view of the city on the Rhine.

A short stroll down the banks of the river led the group to the Lindt Chocolate Museum, or Schokoladenmuseum as the locals like to call it. Here students observed the chocolate making process and even got to design their own chocolate bar. As they say in Germany “lecker”!

Sunday morning brought with it some fantastic sunshine and a tour of Marksburg Castle, the only castle in the Rhineland that was left untouched by the bombing of World War II. The tour was very interesting and informative. From the towers, to the cobblestones and the walls that are three metres in width, we got to experience the authentic feel inside of the castle. There was no room out of bounds and so, we saw the kitchen, eating areas, the wine cellar, the bedroom, the toilet that opened to the outside, the chapel and the armoury. After the tour we were able to take ten minutes to enjoy the beautiful surroundings overlooking the Rhine. It was just “prima”! Following this, came a relaxing cruise, on the river dominates the geography of the region, where students got to sit on the upper deck, soaking up the sunshine while enjoying an ice-cream. The cruise led to Rüdesheim. Here students got to enjoy the cable car ride to the Germania monument, commemorating the unification of Germany in 1871. Again, we experienced fabulous views. Last year’s Junior Certificate students were then enthralled by the opportunity to use their roleplays from last years’ oral exam when ordering an ‘Ice-Cream auf Deutsch’! Sunday was brought to a relaxing end in ‘Pin-Up Bowling’ where students went bowling and played games in the arcade.

Monday brought with it a thrilling visit to ‘Phantasialand Theme Park’ where students were treated to the adventures of ‘Taron’, the fastest and longest multi-launched roller coaster in the world. The park had something for everyone, from lazy boat rides, the ‘Wellenflug’ swing to the 65m drop in the ‘Mystery Castle’. Safe to say, it was an exhilarating day and all of us thoroughly enjoyed Phantasialand!

Whilst it was our last day, there were no frowns on the bus in the morning, as we were heading to Nürburgring – a race track well known for its host of Formula 1 and Grand Prix. We were given an exclusive tour of private rooms and stages that cannot be accessed by a general tour and so, we were delighted to have this exciting opportunity. This was a once in a life time experience and thankfully, it was enjoyed by all.


Overall, both students and teachers had an excellent school tour that was jam packed with amazing views, interesting tours and some exciting thrills along the way!  

RCC students along with their teacher Mr Donlon enjoying the sunshine at Phantasialand on their recent trip to Germany

RCC students at the Nürburgring on their recent school tour to Germany

11th April 2019

German Language students Luke Gregory, Szymon Sikorski, Darragh O'Sullivan and Jack Cronin engaged in community practices over the last two weeks when they visited Gaelscoil de hÍde to teach Rang 6 German language skills.


The students of Rang 6 were completely engaged and were delighted to have students from RCC teaching them.  RCC's students spent a large amount of time preparing lesson plans, devising worksheets and putting final touches to their PowerPoint presentations in order to provide a well-rounded and positive learning experience for their students.  Well done to all and thank you to Muinteoir Amy for your co-operation and to Frau Dennigan for establishing the student link.  The future of language teaching is in very safe hands.



4th April 2019

Our 3rd year Junior Cycle English students attended a production of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ performed by The Cyclone Rep Company in the Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo. Students are currently engaging in the study of this text as a part of the Junior Cycle Curriculum.

This Shakespearean tragedy is about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families. 

The Cyclone Rep Company’s enactment of the play was outstanding where students were, in an instant, captivated by the energetic and unique performances by the actors. It was mutually agreed by all that every aspect of the production was praiseworthy, from the adaptations in the script right down to the basics of costume design and make-up.

The 95 minute performance was a reduced version of the play containing an entertaining scholarly review that clarified the main themes and topics. Students were invited to discuss these in an open forum during the performance. Students voiced their opinions and questioned the actors to gain their perspective on the character roles that they had played and the themes explored.

The show was interactive both on and off stage, with opportunities for audience participation. Well done to all who asked questions and contributed to discussions. In particular, well done to Ewan Clarke for braving the stage in order to partake in what can only described as a highly engaging production. The outing will really help students with their understanding of the play.