organic garden

As part of their project work, fifth and sixth year Agricultural Science students paid a visit to Gerry Browne’s organic garden last Friday afternoon. The garden is located in Roscommon town and boasts a great variety of fruits and vegetables. The students were given a tour of the grounds which include a large planted area, a flower garden and several poly tunnels. Gerry explained the principles of organic gardening, seed saving, planting, weed and pest control, organic fertilisers, harvesting and crop storage. The flower display was truly spectacular and these flowers attract insects to aid pollination in the garden. The tour concluded with a tray full of freshly cooked potato wedges made from a variety of potatoes grown in the garden including a deep purple variety from South America renowned for its cancer preventive properties. Many thanks to Gerry for his hospitality and for sharing his wealth of knowledge to this group of young horticulturalists.

robotics ws 1robotics ws 2

Over 60 students, boys and girls from 1st and 2nd year, thoroughly enjoyed the robotics workshop held in the school. The workshops are designed to challenge the student’s creativity, imagination, innovation and teamwork skills, which are very important skills to develop in this modern age of technology.    

The students had half day workshops in which they learned how to design and make a robot using the Lego NXT mind storms kit. After they assembled their designs, each group then programmed their robot to contest against each other, in a sumo wresting type battle. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase literacy awareness within the school community, 2nd and 5th year students were recently lucky enough to participate in a series of Literacy Workshops provided by Ms. Sinead Ryan-Mullin, our Home School Community Liaison Officer. The workshops were highly interactive and enjoyable, while also being very informative and beneficial to the students. Sincere thanks are expressed to Ms. Ryan-Mullin.

A group of senior cycle students from Roscommon Community College attended The Irish Times Higher Options in the RDS, Dublin on Thursday last September, 17th 2015. Students had the opportunity to meet and speak directly with representatives from all the main Irish colleges and universities, as well as many colleges and universities from the UK, Central Europe and the USA. Over the course of their visit, students also had the opportunity to attend presentations and information sessions on topics ranging from UCAS (applying to UK Colleges/Universities), EUNICAS (applying to study in central Europe) and CAO (Irish application process). The students found it very informative and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

rsz forging bonds

Transition Year students in Roscommon Community College have recently reignited their relationship with the Sacred Heart Hospital in Roscommon, as we recommence our Adopt a Grandparent initiative. This refreshing initiative encourages our Transition Year students to visit the residents of the Sacred Heart and participate in a variety of workshops and activities.  The purpose of the programme is to increase interaction between the students and the residents of the Sacred Heart. The pupils report a growing awareness and better understanding of the older person as a result of this initiative. Intergenerational Clay Making Workshops were previously a feature of the initiative and both residents and pupils find the experience to be hugely rewarding. In the words of one Transition Year pupil, “I get a great sense of doing something worthwhile and I am happy that I can help to make a difference in my community by giving of my time in this way”. Music performance, card games and poetry recitals also feature on our calendar of events, as our pupils plan different ways to entertain the residents during our weekly visits. The students find it interesting to hear stories from bygone times and some of the residents may not have grandchildren of their own, so the programme is deeply rewarding for all. Both parties greatly anticipate the visits each week and a great sense of fun prevails. Sincere thanks to the staff of the Sacred Heart Hospital and to Ms. Cullen for facilitating this programme of events.