6th April 2017


An exciting time for the German Department at Roscommon Community College recently saw the first leg of this year’s German exchange (Austauschprogramm) take place. At the start of April, Maria Leis from Gymnasium Sankt Stefan in Augsburg, Bavaria arrived into Dublin Airport, to be met by her Irish exchange partner, Chloe Fallon.  Enjoying the hospitality of her host family (Gastfamilie) and exploring the cultural highlights (die Sehenswϋrdigkeiten) of what the Roscommon area has to offer, Maria will attend school (die Schule) with her Irish counterparts daily, as she stays in Roscommon for a period of almost three weeks. Just last May, a group of Transition and Fifth Year students made the exciting trip to Augsburg where they experienced German hospitality at its best, as they participated in an exhilarating three weeks of language learning and fun.


Our German exchange programme with Gymnasium Sankt Stefan is of immense benefit to our students as it lends itself to improved oral proficiency, fluency and colloquial vocabulary acquisition. Research has shown that learning a language in such a fun and informal environment is a beneficial experience for students. All involved report that the exchange has worked wonders building the confidence of the students with their Deutsch, while also developing greater independence and maturity as they broaden their horizons through travel. We wish Maria a pleasant stay and a safe trip as she gets ready to return to Deutschland. Gute Reise Maria!