Incoming first year students in Roscommon Community College will engage in a fun and engaging new junior certificate curriculum which sees the introduction of a variety of new topics across the three strands of biology, chemistry and physics. The new features of this curriculum include learning outcomes across the unifying strand, Nature of science, and the four contextual strands: Physical world, Chemical world, Biological world and Earth and space.

Teachers will now place a new focus on the Nature of science which aims to promote greater engagement and thinking amongst our young scientists about how science works; carrying out investigations, communicating in science, and the role and contribution of science and scientists to society. Incoming first year students are encouraged to develop an interest in science from an early stage outside of the classroom. Whether it be from planning titles for BT Young Scientist and Scifest to carrying out different science projects at home, all student interest is greatly nurtured in an extremely positive and inclusive learning environment. 

All Junior Cycle students spend at least two class periods each week in the brand-new science lab getting up to speed with the wide variety of lab equipment and learning the safety procedures used during their time in the school. Students carry out their practical investigations during their double science class. From an early stage, our students develop a great appreciation for the different investigations, and show brilliant enthusiasm and responsibility while getting down and dirty in the wondering wide world of science.



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