WorldWise Global Schools

Roscommon Community College is part of the Irish Aid WorldWise Global School (WWGS) Programme. This programme helps us to engage in Development Education issues as part of school activity. Through this, we hope to help contribute in the longer term to increased knowledge and understanding of global justice issues and increased engagement and action as active global citizens. Each year our school choose different themes to focus on. As part of this, Transition Year students study Development Education. At RCC we believe Development Education is an exciting and effective way to equip students with critical thinking skills and instil personal values such as empathy and solidarity, in order to help them contribute to creating a more just and equal world. In addition each year group are given the opportunity to become involved in various activities throughout the year on Development Education as part of our project (e.g. art competitions on Development Education topics, creative writing workshops, drama workshops etc). Below are a selection of images of work completed on our project to date this year.


Trip to Irish Aid Centre

On Monday 28th November Transition Year students enjoyed a trip to Dublin to the Irish Aid Centre, as part of their Development Education module. This trip has become an annual outing for students in the school as it links in with our ‘WorldWise’ project. The Irish Aid Centre afforded us the opportunity to develop our understanding of the Global Development Goals and to experience how life is very different for people living in developing countries. First, the students watched a short film about a girl called Memory who lives in the small village of Khulangari, in Africa. The film detailed a typical day in her life and the many tasks that she has to carry out. In the second part of the workshop the students were actively engaged in some group work. As the task developed they were faced with various scenarios that showed them how one factor, such as very low rainfall, can cause a family to go from having a lot of food and resources to having very little quite quickly. The students are now looking forward to studying more topics such as Food Security, Gender Inequality and Climate Change through their Development Education module in Transition Year.



Worldwise Development Education Art Competition

First Year students were asked to design an A3 poster on the theme of Equality, Inclusion or Human Rights. There were a large number of posters entered in various languages and these will be displayed throughout the school. Winners to be announced shortly! More Worldwise competitions to follow throughout the year on this topic!


WorldWise visit partner school in Vietnam

In October 2015 Ms. Connelly, Ms. Nestor and Ms. Carroll travelled to Vietnam to visit Xuan Dinh High School in Han Oi, a school which Roscommon Community College has worked in partnership with for the last number of years.  Previously students from Roscommon Community College got an opportunity to visit Xuan Dinh High School and Xuan Dinh teachers visited our school and it is hoped a similar project will take place in the near future.

Global School Partnerships are ‘relationships between schools in Ireland and their counterparts in the Global South that are based on joint learning, equity and respect’. The project raises awareness and understanding of identity, diversity and interdependence. Through engaging in this project students are encouraged to challenge their assumptions about other countries and people and to engage with different ways of seeing the world. 

During their stay in Hanoi, Ms. Connelly, Ms. Nestor and Ms. Carroll worked with the teachers in the school to develop ways our students could communicate with students in Xuan Dinh High School and also discussed joint projects that students could work on. One aim of WorldWise Global Schools is to contribute to increased knowledge and understanding of global justice issues and to increase engagement and action by students as active global citizens. Through students communicating regularly on various projects this would be achieved.  Teachers also discussed the possibility of students travelling from Roscommon Community College to Xuan Dinh High School in the future to experience the Vietnamese way of life and learn about development education issues in Vietnam. 

Over the course of the midterm our teachers were warmly welcomed into various classes in Xuan Dinh High School and got an opportunity to witness Vietnamese traditional music, song and dance, performed by Xuan Dinh students. Our teachers also taught Xuan Dinh students about our school life and about our culture, which differs greatly from the Vietnam system and the Vietnamese culture. By the end of the exchange, some Vietnamese students could dance the siege of Ennis and play the tin whistle better than some of us who have lived in Ireland all our lives! We look forward to continuing working with staff and students at Xuan Dinh High School.


 Ms. Carroll, Ms. Nestor and Ms. Connelly pictured with students from Xuan Dinh High School, Vietnam in October 2015 

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                                         Development Education Activities 2017

WWGS National Conference in Croke Park


Trip to Strokestown Famine Museum

Topic: Sustainable Development Goals

Goal No. 2: No Hunger

On one of the most beautiful days of the year, our 2nd year history students visited Strokestown House. This links in with the Development Education project our school completes and is supported by WorldWise. It relates to the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular goal number 2 which is ‘”No Hunger”. Students of Junior Cert History must study the Famine in Ireland so this was an ideal trip for us. Our students agreed that it was hugely beneficial to their knowledge and understanding of this period in our nation’s history to visit this unique attraction. Our day began with a tour of Strokestown House. The House gaves us an intimate insight into life in The Big House, upstairs and downstairs. The Irish National Famine Museum told a different story and highlights the parallels between a tragic chapter of Irish History and contemporary global hunger. Within a short time we were brought on a journey through Irish History, the good and the bad, from Ireland in the 1600's, right up to the present day. Our students received huge praise from American and English tourists for their exemplary behaviour, the quality of their questioning and interest shown throughout the tour.


2nd Year Felt-Making Workshop


Second year Home Economics students took part in a felt-making workshop. As part of this students were asked to design a felt piece on one of the following topics; Equality, Inclusion or Human Rights.




Gender Equality



TY Visit to Cloughjordan Ecovillage

Topic: Sustainable Development Goals

Transition Year students made an inspiring journey to Ireland’s very own Ecovillage in the small rural town of Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary recently where they learned about Sustainable Community and Low Carbon Living. This linked in with Environmental Studies and Development Education class, work which is supported by WorldWise Global Schools. The students were welcomed by a team of volunteers from the village who run the education program based on Climate Change and our role as Global Citizens. The students learned about how the Ecovillage brings together a diverse group of people from many parts of Ireland and even abroad to creating an innovative new community. The residents do this in a way that is democratic, healthy and socially enriching while minimising ecological impacts.

The students got to explore some of the 67-acre site by foot which includes fertile land where they grow their own food, plants and trees which promotes biodiversity. They were lucky to be shown around by the residence themselves and got to see the day to day running of the village. They experienced the rich community spirit where there are more than 50 low energy homes and work units. They witnessed the solar- and wood-powered community heating systems, the 50 acres of land for allotments, farming and woodland, green enterprise centre and hi-spec broadband, the eco-hostel for visitors, community farm and the memorable compost toilet in the centre of the village. One our students won’t forget!


This trip opened the eyes of our students to make them more aware of their responsibility as Global Citizens. They learned practical methods which they can use to change their lifestyles in the future. It was a most unforgettable and enjoyable outing.  They discovered first-hand how small changes by them can make such big difference to everyone else in combatting Climate Change.

Some RCC Transition Year Students in Cloughjordan Ecovillage

Cloughjordan Ecovillage

Cloughjordan Ecovillage

Cloughjordan Ecovillage



Drama Workshop on Racism/Discrimination

 with Martin Maguire

Topic: Sustainable Development Goals

Goal No. 10: Reduced Inequalities 

An exhilarating Drama Workshop brought to us by Martin Maguire of the Gaiety School of Drama took place with first year students in 1B and 1C. They were enchanted by the novel approach to their curriculum, as they learned to explore the issues of Racism and Discrimination using the media of Drama, Mime and Improvisation.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive approach to the theme and gratitude is extended to the WorldWise Global Schools programme for assistance with financing this element of Literacy Week.




WWGS Links In with Green Schools

Topic: Sustainable Development Goals

Goal No. 7: Affordable and Clean Energy


On the 24th of May 2017 Roscommon Community College was awarded our 7th Green Flag for “Global Citizenship-Energy”, at the annual awards ceremony held in The Hodson Bay Hotel, Kiltoom.

Green Schools, in conjunction with An Taisce, organised the event and invited all recipients of the Green Flag to attend the awards ceremony. A grand total of 59 schools throughout Roscommon and Offaly were represented with nearly 200 students present. Michael John O'Mahony, Director, An Taisce EEU, Cathy Baxter, Manager, Green-Schools, Jane Hackett, Manager, Green-Schools Travel, and Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten were there to present the awards.

Representing Roscommon Community College on the day were students Michael Egan, Green Schools Chairman, Simon Leonard, Vice-Chairman, Maria Lohan, Secretary, Danny Arnold, Treasurer, along with Teachers Mrs. Egan and Mrs. Smyth. These students, however, are only a fraction of the vast number of students who helped our school claim our seventh green flag, an accomplishment very few schools have achieved. There are many steps involved in achieving a green flag and many people were involved in this process.

An interesting fact we learnt in relation to energy conservation on the day is that in the last year all schools partaking in projects related to energy, saved the amount of energy it would take to make 175 MILLION cups of tea! We, in RCC, contributed to energy conservation by carrying out many projects including the following: PowerPoint Presentations; Poster Campaigns; Intercom announcements; Class announcements; Surveys; Social media campaigns; Fair trade projects; Community Involvement Activities; Worldwise; Workshops; Green Slogan etc. Our green flag slogan which was composed by the green flag committee is, “RCC, Responsible Care of our Community”. The slogan was chosen by the committee, with music and additional lyrics being composed by Danny Arnold and Maria Lohan.

We would like to thank the whole school community who have embraced the theme of Global Citizenship. We would also like to thank Kathleen Shanagher of Tidy Towns Association and Suzanne Dempsey, Roscommon County Council. A particular thank you to Denis Naughten who provided valuable advice and presented the school with an energy saving kit. 

 Minister Denis Naughten presented RCC with a home energy kit.



Creative Exchange Inclusion Workshop

Topic: Sustainable Development Goals 

Goal No. 10: Reduced Inequalities




Positive Mental Health Week


Poetry Writing Workshop with Pete muLLiNEaUX