7th October 2022

A huge congratulations is extended to the cast, crew and directors of our school’s hugely successful production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ held recently in the Arts Centre, Roscommon. This extravagant show highlighted the diverse talents of our students ranging from 1st year to 6th year and enabled strong bonds of friendship to flourish in a musical setting. We wish to thank our directors, Ms Irene Nestor, Ms Yvonne Doyle and Ms Amanda Smyth, who worked tirelessly and conscientiously to nurture the students in terms of their skillful acting and memorable vocal performances. Furthermore, we extend our thanks to the show’s choreographer, Ms Trisha McDermott from the McDermott School of Ballet, who shared her love of dance with the cast and carefully choreographed what can only be described as eye-catching and thoroughly enjoyable scenes on stage. A special thank you is offered to Ms Claire Gibbons, Ms Joanne Cleary, Mr Ronan Kelly, Mr John Mooney, Mr Declan Donlon, Mr Stewart Li and a team of TY students who constructed a magnificent set and numerous stage props which added to the dramatic element of our production. A word of thanks is expressed to Ms Olivia Farrell and Ms Elizabeth Glancy who assisted with props alongside Ms Niamh Mannion, Ms Rachel Maguire and Ms Alison Kerrane who carried out alterations to the vast array of costumes on display. The school musical was the perfect platform for our students to develop their talents, form new friendships, build their confidence, and make lasting memories to cherish forever. We thank Ms Keena, Ms Lohan, musical directors, the Parents’ Association, teachers, backstage crew, fellow students who assisted with the set and props, raffle ticket sellers who provided light entertainment during the interval, and parents alike for their unwavering support in making this an outstanding musical. We congratulate each member of the cast and backstage crew for their commitment and enthusiasm in bringing all our rehearsals to fruition at the Arts Centre.


Cast members: Mairéad Lohan, Liam Pearce, Daniel Hegarty, Debora Da Silva, Joyce Fwamba, Conor Pearce, Alanna Cleary, Sophie Cox, Donata Leyden Roberto, Aoibhinn Murray, Timmy Gill, Julia Kuczwalska, Erika Ogawa, Hazel O’Leary, Molly Beckett, Mia Kilcline, Eoin Conroy, Robbie Kelly, Rebecca Trimble, Bridget Hoare, Rachel Fallon, Hollie Thorpe, Erin Hayes, Abbi Donoghue, Maria Viana, Maebh Carley, Katie Thomas, Alison Porter, Alison Ward, Aoife Dolan, Anthony Healy, Luke Mitchell, Andy Mitchell, Kayleigh Foxe, Jacob McConnell, Diarmaid Kenny, Klarah Borges, Lyndsey Gibbons, James Lunt, Abbie Conneely, Áine Madden, Eabhanna Sheridan, Lara Humborg, Grace Connolly, Isabelle Flynn, Erin Whyte, Aideen Pearce, Caoimhe Murray, Abbie Egan, Lena Domagana, Karla Browne and Thomas Quigley. Backstage crew and stage props: Cian Escosio, Orla Norris, Shauna McDermott, Luke Hanley, Jennifer Connolly, Emily Carley, Julia Arantes, Jacob Leonard, Jonathan Hunt, Conor Morris, Katelyn Shally, Liam Naughton, James Gannon, Rayanna Marques de Pina, Jimi Raftery, Sean Óg O’Connor, Paige Caslin and Daniela Berzkalana, Anthony Cox, Adam Farrell, Ciara Allen, Eva Satchwell, and our talented art students. Sincere congratulations are extended to everyone involved!


RCC students in action on stage at the Roscommon Arts Centre in their recent production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’