The RCC is buzzing with excitement as it hosts a series of enriching workshops aimed at fostering a love for reading and nurturing creativity among students. Spearheaded by the Everyone a Reader Project in collaboration with Children’s Books Ireland, these workshops offer a plethora of opportunities for both students and parents to engage in literary exploration and skill-building.

One of the highlights of these workshops is the Creative Writing Workshops led by the illustrious Clara Kumagai, renowned author of “Catfish Rolling.” Students are immersed in a world of imagination and storytelling under Kumagai’s guidance, eagerly anticipating each session as they delve deeper into the realms of their creativity. These workshops not only hone writing skills but also instil confidence and a passion for self-expression among participants.

But that’s not all! Parents are also invited to join in on the literary journey with workshops tailored to empower them in fostering a culture of reading at home. From Library Management to strategies for encouraging struggling readers, these sessions led by experts like Niamh Gaskin, Becky Long, Ruth Ennis, Juliette Saumande, and Claire Marie Dunne offer invaluable insights and practical tips for supporting children’s reading journeys.

Parents are encouraged to register for these workshops using the provided link on RCC’s Social Media pages to equip themselves with the tools and knowledge to support their children’s reading endeavours.

Roscommon Community College is dedicated to cultivating a community of avid readers and creative thinkers. Through these workshops, we aim to foster a love for literature, empower parents, and nurture the next generation of writers and readers alike. Let’s come together to celebrate the joy of reading and storytelling.