13th May 2022

Last Thursday a group of eleven TY students took part in the SciFest at College Competition in the Atlantic Technical University in Galway. We had huge success, receiving three major awards at the competition. Heather O’Suillivan and Daniel Hegarty with their project Turning Out in Force: An Experimental and Statistical Analysis of the Potential to Replace the PR-STV with the FPTP Voting System to Increase Voter Turn Out were awarded the Fenergo Best Communicators award. Mairead Lohan and Tommy Morris with their project: An Investigation into Improving the Recovery Process of Adolescence when moving from the Sympathetic Nervous System to the Parasympathetic Nervous System during times of stress were awarded the overall Runner Up Best Project award. Sean Allen with his project An Investigation into a Novel Alternative to Synthetic Fertilizers for A Future of Sustainable Agriculture was awarded the overall Best Project award. Mairead, Tommy and Sean are now invited to take part in the SciFest National Winners Competition which will take place in Dublin in November. Well done to all involved. Thank you to Ms. Clancy and Ms Cleary for all their involved this year.

Congratulations to Tommy Morris & Mairead Lohan on their awards

Sean Allen receiving the Best Project Award at SciFest For STEM

TY students in the ScieFest for STEM at ATU Galway







13th May 2022

Class 3D with their teacher Ms. Olivia Farrell, in Roscommon Community College raised €1870.15 for Join Our Boys as part of their CSPE course.

The class carried out several fundraisers such as a non-uniform day and a school raffle. They were delighted to present the cheque for funds collected to Ms. Paula Naughton (Join our Boys Trust representative) on Wednesday 4th May and to show their support to the Trust. We hope that the Join our Boys Trust house will be complete soon and wish them all the best with it. Well done to all involved on this magnificent achievement. Thank you to the students and to their teacher Ms. Farrell for making all of this possible.




13th May 2022

A group of second year students and learning for life students went to the Galway Atlantic Aquarium last week. Students got a tour of the aquarium as well as also carrying out a workshop. The workshop was led by Dr Sarah Gundy who works with NUIG and CURÁM in leading exciting new scientific Irish health research. During the workshop students had to design and build a device with lego that would deliver antibiotics to the body in a safe way. After completing the workshop students then went on a tour of the aquarium where they got to see lots of different fishes and animals from all over the world. Thanks to the teachers and SNA's who accompanied the students on the very enjoyable trip.








6th May 2022

Since December last, RCC has been taking part in a junior cycle STEAM in Action initiative/project. STEAM refers to the area’s of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The initiative was carried out with 3rd year science, maths, geography, PE and engineering classes. The title of the project was ‘How can Ireland and Roscommon meet energy demands in a more sustainable way’.

In Science, students firstly researched the ethical and sustainability issues that surround the generation and consumption of energy in Ireland and in Roscommon. Next, they researched, designed and presented their posters to show their findings. Finally, students were asked how Roscommon Community College could be more sustainable in meeting its energy demands. In the subject of Maths, following an investigation in Science into sustainable energy sources, wind energy was identified as an excellent source of renewable energy. Next, wind turbines were used as a way of investigating 2D and 3D solids. Lastly, though exploration and design students, created and interpreted scale drawings. With Geography, students discussed the term sustainability and what it means for them now and in the future. This was followed by students researching and investigating three types of sustainable energy; wind, solar and geothermal. Ultimately, students produced PowerPoints detailing their research. For Physical Education, students visited Sliabh Báwn wind farm to see first-hand a wind farm and went on to complete a 10km walk. In relation to Engineering, the design of a wind turbine was investigated, and a 3D model of a wind turbine was splendidly printed. From this, students decided that to be more sustainable in RCC we need to reduce the amount of energy used, especially with Vampire Energy. Therefore, a campaign was started to plug out all unessential devices each Friday in the school. This has been on-going and will continue for the remainder of the year.

On Thursday 28th April to showcase all the hard work that students and teachers had put into this project, an exhibition and sharing event was held in the Shearwater Hotel, Ballinasloe. Four students from 3rd Year; Orla Norris, Shauna McDermott, Liam Naughton and Timothy Gill attended the event accompanied by teachers Ms Conway and Ms Martin. Students and teachers spoke with JCT and PDST advisors along with representatives from the inspectorate about the project, discussing the impact of their project and added changes they would make if they were to carry out the project again. Finally, a plaque was presented to the school to acknowledge the work that went into this project.

RCC students showcasing their STEAM in Action Project at Shearwater Hotel

STEAM in Action students and staff being awarded their plaque





6th May 2022

RCC are delighted to inform that Roscommon Community College met all requirements in our key action areas as the first safe and supportive school in the County of Roscommon. On Thursday last we received official accreditation for our Safe And Supportive Schools (SASS) pilot initiative in conjunction with BeLonG To. Mr. O’ Ceallaigh and Ms Dennigan attended a presentation event in the Mansion House Dublin, hosted by the Lord Mayor of Dublin where we received our accreditation plaque. We at RCC are absolutely thrilled to get to this stage and even more so, to be the 1st school in the County of Roscommon. Additionally, RCC is one out of fifteen schools in all of Ireland to reach this standard. All of this wouldn't have been possible without the support and engagement of the students and staff at RCC. Thank you to the Lord Mayor of Dublin for the warm welcome at Mansion House Dublin, and well done again to Ms Dennigan and Mr O’Ceallaigh on all their hard work with their task. 

Ms Dennigan & Mr O Ceallaigh with the Lord Mayor of Dublin at Safe & Supportive Schools Event