30th April 2021

On return to in-person teaching and learning, students and teachers at Roscommon Community College were treated to a Wellbeing Events Fortnight. Students were welcomed back to school with positivity poems presented on every desk. Students also had the opportunity to listen to their Student-Select Positivity Playlist, compiled after surveying SPHE classes, every breaktime over the intercom. The school was warmly glowing with beams of sunlight created by students who explained ‘What makes me happy?’ These were displayed throughout the school building to help brighten up our days! Cross-curricular activities also included resilience training in PE classes, with an emphasis on working together and helping each other. From quizzes to meditation moments and everything in between it was a busy and engaging welcome back, much needed by all. To close off our fortnight of events students and staff were treated to some well-earned 99‘s from the ice-cream van as well as some fantastic prizes from our much-anticipated raffle – congratulations to all our winners! Finally, many thanks are extended to our Wellbeing Team for coordinating all of these delightful events.


Sun’s out - fun’s out!  What better way to wind up Wellbeing Events Fortnight at RCC than with a cone for everyone! 



What Makes Me Happy Wall Display as a part of Wellbeing Fortnight