Last Tuesday the 22nd of May the Leaving Cert class of 2024 graduated in a beautiful ceremony at the Abbey Hotel. The ceremony concluded a wonderful last day for the sixth years as they got to have a special breakfast in the morning in the GP room followed by a Quiz which may have included a round of teacher baby photos. The ceremony had various different speakers including Principal Georgina Keena, 6th Year Head Georgina Martin, Paula Naughton and students Jade Yeung, Head Girl Rachel Trimble, and Head Boy Sean Allen. There was also some fabulous singing and music performed on the night by the school choir and Ms Smyth.

Pictured is 6th year students Lyndsey Gibbons, Rachel Trimble, Aoibhinn Murray, Maja Smolinska and Jade Yeung at their Leaving Cert graduation

6th Year students Ryan Dowling, Brian Keegan, Conor Harris, Kian Mulligan and Dylan Treacy with teacher Aaron Deering at their Leaving Cert Graduation.

6th Year Students Brian Henric Silva Rodrigues, Mateusz Blaszczak, Izidro Ribas De Vargas and Maja Smolinska at their Leaving Cert graduation in the Abbey Hotel.