27th January 2023

On Wednesday 25th January, a group of Junior Cycle students from Roscommon Community College travelled to the University of Galway to take part in the MACE Debating Competition organised by the University. Schools from all over Connacht took part in the competition, and our representatives more than held their own in what was their first debating competition at this level.

The team of Kayla Joyce and Emily Dixon opposed the motion that ‘Schools give priority to sports over the arts’ and came third in their debate, an excellent result. Likewise, the team of Sophie Kilcommons and Oisín Gilleran debated excellently opposing the motion that ‘Juvenile offenders should be given lifetime sentences’, getting excellent feedback from the judges in their maiden debating session.


The day was a fantastic experience for our students who got the opportunity to witness some top class debating. This will no doubt improve their public speaking ability, and help the RCC Debating Club go from strength to strength over the coming weeks and months with our weekly debating sessions taking place in the school. Many thanks to Mr Moran for facilitating this opportunity for our students.