27th May 2022

On Friday the 20th of May Roscommon Community College were delighted to host a reunion for the graduation class of 2020. This was successfully organised to reunite students who graduated in 2020, who unfortunately missed out due to Covid-19. Current student teacher and graduate of 2020 Mr Trevor Fallon worked with a number of staff at RCC to facilitate a meet and greet evening at our school. Past students took the opportunity to enjoy refreshments as well as engage in conversation with both their past peers and past teachers. The success of the evening showed how well organisation was put in place, with a big number of past pupils from 2020 attending. Graduates of 2020 and staff got the opportunity to watch a video that was put together by Mr Fallon with the help of his peers. This was very emotional with moments of comedy included. In conclusion, it was a great evening enjoyed by all, with stories shared and smiles provided all round. Thanks again to the staff and management at RCC for their contribution. To a greater extent, thank you to Mr Fallon for his splendid organisation and communication skills which without him, would not have made this exultant evening possible.


RCC Graduation Class of 2020

Past Student Joao Pedro Rodrigues with Ms Jude Lohan