20th May 2022

The Leaving Certificate class of 2022 had their graduation ceremony at the Abbey Hotel on Tuesday the 17th of May. This was a lovely and enjoyable occasion for all, and one that was well appreciated, considering the cancelation from previous years in relation to Covid-19. The ballroom was laid out beautifully, facilitating graduates, teachers and family members who travelled to the ceremony. The night was accompanied by the RCC school choir who sang beautifully along with their teachers Ms Doyle, Ms Smyth and Mr Arnold. Some captivating speeches put together by Deputy principal Ms Lohan along with sixth year head of year Mr O’ Ceallaigh showed just how hard our students have worked, how far they have come, and most importantly, how much they will be missed in Roscommon Community College. Ms Lohan and Mr O’ Ceallaigh have been in RCC with these students since day one in September 2016, building strong relationships with their proud leaving cert students. After students received their certificates, guests were inspired by the wholesome speeches from sixth year head boy Noah Fallon, and sixth year head girl Elizabeth Eglite. This was followed by a splendid presentation put together by sixth year student Rute Marques which no doubt brought back many great memories to students, parents, teachers and guests on the night. Thank you to our music teachers for their work with the school choir. Many thanks also to Ms Lohan, Mr O’Ceallaigh and all members of staff and students at RCC for assisting with this successful night. Furthermore, thank you to the staff at the Abbey Hotel for all their assistance and providing us with their beautiful ballroom for the night. Congratulations to all our graduates of 2022 who without them would not have made this celebrated night possible. We wish you the best of luck in your exams and for the future, you are always welcome at Roscommon Community College. 

Graduates from the class of 2022

Kaitlyn Thompson & Leah Nestor Kane

Leaving cert students of RCC at their Graduation

Ms Jude Lohan with Elizabeth Eglite and past student Kaitija