3rd June 2022

Well done to all our students at RCC who received awards in their subject area expertise as well as awards in Class Contribution, Leadership, Academic Excellence, Outstanding Student  Good Citizenship and others. Here are some of our awards that were presented to our very proud students last week.

The full list of winners can be found here: Student Awards Winners 2021-2022

More photos can viewed here: Student Awards 2022


Nathan Mac an Bhaird        Excellence in Mathematics Award

Nathan was awarded this award, in recognition of his work on mathematical research and statistics. Nathan was awarded 2nd prize in the John Hooper National Statistics Competition for his project on mobile phone use. Nathan also picked up the GRETB Excellence in STEM award.


Student of the Year & Senior Science Award            Eamon Lynch

Eamon also picked up the Senior Science Award, in recognition of his work in chemistry. Eamon Lynch reached the final ten students from across Ireland in the Chemistry Olympiad Ireland competition. This gave him the opportunity to work with an expert team of academics from across five Irish higher education institutions over the Easter holidays. Additionally, Eamon was awarded Student of the Year. Much is taken into account and consideration when granting this award to a student and Eamon was no doubt fully deserved of this. Well done Eamon!


Research in Science Award             Sean Allen

Sean Allen won the research award for his project An Investigation into a Novel Alternative to Synthetic Fertilizers for A Future of Sustainable Agriculture. This is a Highly Commended award in the BT Young Scientist Competition, and the overall Best Project award at the SciFest at college in ATU. Sean will be taking part in the SciFest National Finals in November 2022.


Gaeilgeoir na Bliana                Tomás Ó hUiginn

Tomas won this award in recognition of his contribution to Gaeilge in RCC. Tomás won the GaelLinn Comórtas Tráchtaire Spóirt 2022 in the senior category for his commentary on the 2012 all Ireland final as Gaeilge. Awards were presented in Croke Park by Gael Linn and TG4. Tomás won the Connacht region of the Aistritheoirí Óga na Bliana Competition run by the European Union for his translation of a document from English to Gaeilge. He was presented his award by Minister Jack Chambers in the EU offices in Dublin. Tomás was also the recipient of two ETBI awards for the ETBI Bliain na Gaeilge last year.


GRETB Award                         Bailey Kelly, Cian Escosio and Aaron Dimambro

This green school team were awarded the GRETB Green Schools Award for their contributions to eco-citizenship throughout the school this year. These students conducted air quality research throughout the year presenting their project at the GLOBE Ireland Conference and were also the winners of a state the art weather station from GLOBE Ireland for their work.


Senior Principal’s Award            Ashling Treacy

Every year, the principal’s award has been accredited to a student who has to a great extent embodied the core values here at Roscommon Community College. This has shown at RCC that each and every student’s work and contribution does not go unnoticed within the community, additionally it is well and truly appreciated. Well done to Ashling on receiving this award.

 Senior Art Award                           Kelly O’ Brien

In relation to receiving this award, Kelly was extremely diligent to the subject area of art. She more than often went above and beyond with her work, attended after school sessions and working in the art room whenever she got the opportunity. Viewed as well motivated, setting a good standard for her peers. Kelly was awarded artist of the fortnight earlier in the year. In conclusion, Kelly was one of many students who made rapid progress from the start of the year until the end.

Senior Linguist Award             Siobhan Treacy

This award was given to the student who displayed a keen love of language learning, as well as academic leadership to those within the modern foreign language classroom. This is not an easy award to win as all students in the foreign language subjects of French and German are in line with being nominated for this award. Well done Siobhan on this academic achievement.

Engineering Award           Cormac Mee

This student was on of four contenders for this award. Each contender had their own strong points but the person that came out on top showed impressive traits of a good engineer. Although this student needed little help like any good engineer would, they would seek help to the right design solutions, whereas another engineer would try to solve for themselves and make mistakes. Also, a good engineer will work well in a team and this student also worked well with his classmates, offering encouragement and advice.

Excellence in Geography    PJ McCormack

This student’s work ethic throughout the year excelled. His attention to detail stood out in particular to his teachers. PJ was a very deserving winner of this award, showing his love and passion for the subject area of Geography, as well as setting a very high standard for the rest of the class.


Music Award                Andrew Bailey & Dominik Wojciak

Andrew was the bass guitarist with the school. In addition, Dominik was a key member of the bass section of the choir. Both students contributed hugely to the school graduation also. These students contributed so much during their six years to areas such as the school choir, carol services and other extracurricular music activities. We wish both of these students all the luck in the future, hoping they continue with music going forward in their bright futures.

Senior Gradam Gaeilige do Scolaire Sinsearach  - Kaitlyn Thompson

This award was presented to Kaitlyn for her dedication and promotion of the Irish language within the school. Furthermore, Kaitlyn developed her own Irish skills both in and outside of school environment, hoping to further her passion for the language in the future.

Excellence Attendance Award:          Dominik Wojciak

It is a privilege for us at Roscommon Community College to give this award to Dominik. Not only has Dominik being an extremely hard-working student at RCC for many years, additionally, Dominik has not missed a single day in Roscommon Community College for a whole six years. Congratulations to Dominik on this magnificent achievement.



Learning For Life Awards:             Shaun Mullen & Roisin Kennedy

Congratulations to both Shaun and Roisin who won GRETB category awards for their achievements in school. Roisin and Shaun have been a big part of the school community at Roscommon Community College. They have frequently brought smiles to the faces of the students and staff and RCC, they will be missed greatly. 



3rd Year Academic Excellence Jennifer Coyle Cian Escosio  Nathan Mac An Bhaird  Orla Norris


6th Year Academic Excellence Leah Nestor Kane Eamon Lynch Elizabeth Egilte Kaitlyn Thompson


Good Citizenship 3rd years Ciara Connolly   Noah Fallon   Joshua McCormack  Conor Morris

Leadership Award  6th years  Sol Trundle  Brendan Rudden  Ellen Hynes Remy Ryan

 Leadership Award 1st year Alanna Cleary Cian Hayes Julia Kuczwalska Luke Shally

 Leadership Award 2nd Years Conor Carley  Daniella Kerr Daniel McCormack  Kyle Rogers Poole

Outstanding student Awards 2nd year Amelia Dlugokecka Michael Hanley Aine Madden Caileann Sheridan

 Principals Award 1st year Maebh Carley

Roisin Kennedy Learning for Life Student of the Year Ms Jude Lohan

 Shaun Mullen LFL Principal's Award _ Ms Jude Lohan

 Special Recognition Awards for Gaeilge ETBI Tomás Higgins Liam Pearce Jaime Sheridan

Good Citizenship 5th Year Katie Cronin Siafra Finneran Amy Lannon Paddy Naughton


Junior EAL Student of the Year Jaroslav Jano


Principal Award 3rd year Vizma Bajuka