27th May 2022

Well done to Molly Beckett from 5th year in RCC who represented Roscommon on the Comhairle na nÓg National Executive 2020/2021. As part of their work, students had to work on the topic ‘Climate change with an emphasis on travel'. Immediately, they began coming up with ideas of how to make public transport better. They discovered that one of the main barriers that stopped young people using public transport was how expensive it can be. After many brainstorming sessions and lengthy discussions, it was decided to try get a card that would allow ANY young person in Ireland to avail of a discount across all public transport, both in urban and in rural areas. Soon, students joined video calls with Minister O’Gorman to discuss the idea. After much work they presented their official proposal to Minister O’Gorman and Minister Ryan. After a long wait the card got approved and announced in Budget 2022. It was agreed that any young person aged 19-23 (regardless of their education status) could get a new young adult leap card that would give them a 50% discount on all public transport. The day this was announced was a monumental day not only for the young people involved but also for Ireland, this is only the beginning of Ireland taking the right step towards more affordable and accessible transport for everyone. 

The card officially launched on the 9th of May 2022. On May 11th, the ministers invited the National Executives to the department of the Taoiseach for a photoshoot to celebrate the launch. Congratulations again to Molly Beckett along with all of the other young individuals on the National Executive who had a role in this amazing achievement!

RCC Student Molly Beckett at the Travel Card launch