Engineering is a follow on subject from Junior Certificate Metalwork

A two-year course to Engineering Leaving Certificate comprises of:

  • Practical 6 hour practical Exam
  • Design portfolio & Make Project
  • Written/Theory exam

Practical Exam

Design & Make Project

Written/ Theory

Higher Level
Ordinary Level

Students who undertake this subject will:

  • Learn how to design and make a project from a given brief.
  • Perfect their skills of accuracy when marking out, shaping and the assembly parts.
  • Learn in theory an array of topics in engineering such as:
    • Engineering manufacturing processes
    • Welding
    • Polymers and polymer manufacturing processes
    • Properties and structures of materials
    • Material testing: destructive and Non-destructive tests
    • Mechanisms and machining processes: Lathe/milling

Any student wishing to pursue any discipline of engineering at 3rd level have a great advantage in taking up this subject as part of their leaving certificate exams.