Work Experience

Work experience in Transition Year provides many benefits, giving students skills and experience that will allow them to stand out to potential employers as well as helping them to choose the right sector to work in. In our school Transition Year students take part in two work placements throughout the year with the option of an addition block of work experience.

Students work with one employer for one day per week from September to December and after the Christmas break change to a second employer. This gives the students plenty of opportunity to gain an insight into two different careers that they may be interested in pursuing.

Students also have the opportunity to go on an additional block of work experience with an employer who may be unable to take them for one day a week. In the past number of years our Transition Year students have done work placements for a block of one week in places such as RTE studios, the Law Society of Ireland, with the Garda Siochana and in the Army Barracks to name only a few.

The work experience programme gives ample opportunity to students to experience life in a work place and to challenge themselves in an area that they have not been exposed to before.