9th September 2022

Excitement is rising within Roscommon Community College with the anticipation of the pending performance of the ever so popular musical ‘Beauty and the Beast’ being staged in Roscommon Arts Centre from Wednesday 28th of September to Saturday 1st of October.

Since the summer months the large cast have been extremely dedicated rehearsing every day to prepare what is sure to be an unforgettable show.

The popular musical tells the story of a prince who is magically transformed into a monster and the servants into household objects as punishment for his arrogance. The prince, now the Beast, imprisons the beautiful Belle but must learn to love her, and have her love him back, in order to break the spell and restore all the castle inhabitants back to human.

Tickets are selling fast so be sure not to miss the opportunity to be blown away by the amazingly talented youth of Roscommon Community College. Best of luck to all of the cast and crew involved!