Learning for Life

Here at Roscommon Community College, we are dedicated to providing specialised support through our Learning for Life Programme, designed for students with more complex learning needs. This program offers a comprehensive educational experience tailored to the academic, social, vocational, and behavioural requirements of students with moderate learning difficulties. Our mission is to equip these students with the essential skills for a fulfilling and productive adult life, empowering them to seek and secure employment opportunities. We are committed to ensuring that all Learning for Life Programme participants receive recognition and certification at levels that align with their abilities. Progress within the program is determined by individual abilities. Admission to this program is based on specific criteria and availability determined by the school Principal. Students may choose to complete modules from the new Junior Cycle Level 2 Learning Programmes (L2LPs), Level 1 Learning Programmes (L1LPs), and modules offered by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) at Senior Cycle level.

Level 1 Learning Programme (L1LP)  
Communication, Language & Literacy
Personal Care & Wellbeing
Being Part of a Community
The Arts
Physical Education


Level 2 Learning Programme (L2LP)
Communicating & Literacy
Personal Care
Living in a Community
Preparing for Work


Examples of Elective Subjects
Home Economics
Art, Craft & Design
Information Technology
Work Experience
Social & Leisure


  • Learners will develop knowledge, skills and competence relevant to personal development.
  • Learners will engage with modules that promotes their participation in society, community and employment or further training.
  • Learners will develop their goal setting skills, communication skills, everyday numerical and mathematical skills, and IT skills.
  • Learners will have an opportunity to partake in a variety of mainstream subjects e.g., S.P.H.E, Rel Ed, P.E.
  • Learners will participate in a work experience module appropriate to their needs.
  • Learners will gain experience in a variety of practical areas that will improve their employability, e.g., Horticulture, Home Economics, Art & Crafts.
  • Learners will be prepared for life as an adult with an intellectual disability that is fruitful, inclusive, and productive.