Big Brother Big Sister

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an internationally recognised youth mentoring programme that forms supportive friendships for young people inspiring them to brighter futures. Big Brothers Big Sisters nationally and internationally is proven through research to improve young people’s wellbeing, improve their social support and relationships with others. BBBS is operated in Ireland by Foróige and is currently available in 14 counties.

BBBS operates a mentoring programme in schools. The aim is to provide additional support to young people who have made the transition from primary to secondary education. The programme matches first year students with fourth/fifth/sixth year students. They meet once a week, for a school year and participate in games, sports, making lunch etc. in the school.

Recruitment, training and supervision techniques are provided by BBBS for the schools programme. A designated teacher facilitates the programme in each school and links in with the local BBBS Officer. The schools programme is currently operating in over 50 schools throughout Ireland.