Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator

At Roscommon Community College we want to ensure a smooth transition into the new school year for each and every student. We appreciate that change can be difficult but we are available to support the transition.

During your child’s time in Roscommon Community College, the HSCL is available to assist you in any way appropriate in the role on the Pastoral Care Team in the following areas:

· Supporting the transition from primary to post-primary school.
· Monitoring attendance at school.
· Offering my time to meet with parents to discuss concerns.
· Offering support to families when a child becomes ill.
· Promotion of Literacy and Numeracy in the school.
· Liaising between the home and school to maximise your child’s potential to achieve.
· Working with parents to prepare and support them as a resource to their own children and also to other parents and the wider school community.
· Liaising with outside services with the objective of supporting families.
· Providing classes and information sessions for parents.

Please bear in mind that discipline issues are dealt with in the office as usual.