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Renaissance Accelerated Reader Program

Roscommon Community College have introduced an accelerated reader program for all our 1st year students. The aim of this program is to encourage students to read independently. The program allows students to quiz on books pitched at their individual reading ability as determined by an online Star Reading assessment that determines the level of book that they read. Our teachers will direct students in their selection of books within that level to read. The students will read for 15 minutes, four days per week , and can read during lunchtime in Book Club, once per week. Within 24 hours of reading a book students should complete a quiz to check for understanding. This is an online quiz that can be done on PC, laptop, iPad etc. They gain points by passing quizzes. After a period of time the students take a new Star Reading assessment. They will then be given a new, usually higher, level of books to read. We look forward to working with our students on this program throughout the year. Further information can be found at:

Digital Library

Roscommon Community College are registered with JCSP Digital Library. Each student has a unique ID number and password to allow them to access the online library anytime, anywhere. Membership to this collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks is completely free.

The collection consists of a wide range of teenage and young adult titles to suit all year groups, interests, and ability levels. There are over 9,000 unique titles. All students can access and download books from the library via the Sora app – to a PC, laptop or smart device. They can simply find their school using the Sora app and log in. The Sora app can be sourced at or download the free Sora app for Android or iOS.

Students can borrow up to three titles at a time and the default lending period is set at 21 days. They can also place requests for items that are on loan and they can choose to borrow or suspend the hold when the items become available.