Our ethos centres on the student. We prize each and every child in our care and acknowledge their individuality, unique talents and their contribution to our school community as well as the wider society. We seek to develop each student’s talents to their highest potential in an environment that respects, encourages and confirms their efforts at achieving personal goals.

RCC is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of education. We believe that every student has a tremendous and unique potential and our aim is to enable this potential in a structured and focused way. We will encourage civic responsibility so that each student can make a positive contribution to our society and bring their own distinctiveness to bear.

Respect is a critical factor in RCC’s environment. Both teachers and students operate in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and collaboration and this is reflected in the enduring relationships of all within the school community.

Our results reflect the dedication and hard work of both students and teachers. Every year our students apply through the CAO for third level places and over 90% are offered their first or second choice. Our highly effective Transition Year Programme allows students to engage in a variety of work practices that focuses their subject options going in to 5th year and this gives them the opportunity to make right choices from the outset.

Regardless of the level of academic ability, RCC has a variety of assistance programmes for all students. We have career specific options that focus our students on pathways to college as well as a managed exit policy for all students.

At RCC we excel as a school community. We believe that all our students are school leaders and we place them in the centre of teaching and learning in the school. We foster a climate of independent learning and inspire our young people to achieve. We respect their views and opinions in an environment of mutual respect and responsibility.