The Leaving Certificate Applied is one of three Leaving Certificate options now available to cater for the diversity of students’ needs. The programme is designed for those who do not wish to proceed directly to third level education or for those whose needs, aspirations and aptitudes are not adequately catered for by the other Leaving Certificate programmes.

It is a distinct, self-contained two-year Leaving Certificate programme aimed at preparing learners for adult and working life

It emphasises forms of achievement and excellence, which the established Leaving Certificate has not recognised in the past

It offers learners specific opportunity to prepare for and progress to further education and training.

Learners who are not adequately catered for by other Leaving Certificate programmes


  • Prepares learners for the demanding transition to adult and working life Recognises talents of all learners – provides opportunity to develop in the context of their aptitudes, abilities, needs and interests
  • Provides opportunity to develop in terms of understanding, responsibility, self-esteem and self-knowledge
  • Develops communication, decision making and reflective skills
  • Helps learners achieve a more independent and enterprising approach to learning and to life

Underlying Key Principals 

The following key principles are fundamental to all aspects of implementing the programme:

  • Personal and social development
  • Integration across the curriculum
  • Team work
  • Basic skills (literacy)
  • Active teaching/learning methodologies
  • Reflection
  • Links with the community
  • Senior Cycle Education

What is the Leaving Cert Applied ( L.C.A.)? Watch the video HERE



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