WorldWise Global Schools (WWGS)

Our school is established in the implementation of the WorldWise Global Schools Programme, with the aim of integrating Global Citizenship Education (GCE) into all aspects of teaching and learning across all year groups. GCE is a powerful vehicle through which we can better understand our world and take action to change it as informed global citizens. At RCC, we believe GCE is an exciting and effective way to equip students with critical thinking skills and instil personal values, such as empathy and solidarity, to help our students contribute to creating a more just, equal and sustainable world. Each year our school chooses different themes to focus on, which links in with the Sustainable Development Goals. Students engage in class work and project work on these topics as well as other extracurricular activities to help them build skills to promote a more just and sustainable world and we also have a TY GCE Team to the fore in the promotion of the WWGS programme.


Resources, as well as designated subject specific guides, to embed GCE across the curriculum can be found at the following link:

Resource Library – WorldWise Global Schools (

Recordings of webinars relating to GCE themes aligning with the curriculum can be found at the following link:

Training Resources – WorldWise Global Schools (

World’s Largest Lesson promotes the use of the SDGs in learning and teaching to enable students to become more active global citizens to contribute to a more just and sustainable world. Resources to promote this across the curriculum are available here: Resources | The World’s Largest Lesson (