9th September 2022

Staff at RCC were delighted to welcome five classes of first-year students to the school on the 25th of August. The transition from primary to secondary school can be difficult for new First Year students and with this in mind, Roscommon Community College developed a special induction programme for the incoming students to ease this transition. The students began their journey with a fun-filled induction day led by their Year Head, Dr Joanne Shea, and the tutor support team comprising Ms Doyle, Mr Li, Ms Conway, Ms Gallagher, Ms Farrell, Mr Timmons and Mr O’Ceallaigh.

This action-packed day of catching-up, entertainment and information focused on friendship formation, becoming part of a new school community and the general orientation challenges of coping with the new timetable, new subjects, new teachers, and the layout of a new school. The students participated in several activities throughout the day in their base groups, including dance, games, and quizzes. RCC would like to wish all our new and returning students every success throughout the new school year.


The excitement of our 1st Year students captured on the morning of their induction day to Roscommon Community College