Social Personal Health Education (SPHE) at Junior Cycle is aimed at the personal development, health and well-being of young people along with creating and maintaining supportive relationships

The SPHE curriculum aims to promote and develop self-confidence, self-esteem, positive decision making and emotional well being for all students.

The programme reflects our school ethos where all members of our community are treated with respect and dignity. Our approach to open communication, handling conflict constructively and promoting high standards in all endeavours means the principles of SPHE thrive in our school community.

The Junior Cycle programme consists of 10 modules

  • Belonging and Integrating
  • Self Management: A Sense of Purpose
  • Communication Skills
  • Physical Health
  • Friendship
  • Relationships and Sexuality
  • Emotional Health
  • Influences and Decisions
  • Substance Use
  • Personal Safety

The recommended time allocation for SPHE is one class period per week delivered to all students from 1st – 3rd Year

School policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated in conjunction with the professional development of all staff involved in teaching SPHE. The trusting relationship and the safe climate created by the SPHE teacher results in effective delivery of SPHE. On occasion carefully selected guest speakers can complement the work of the SPHE teacher by providing workshops, seminars or talks in specialised areas.

SPHE Talk on Risks of Alcohol Abuse
SPHE Talk on Cancer Awareness