Leaving Certificate Economics


Leaving Certificate Economics aims to stimulate students’ curiosity and interest in the economic environment and how they interact with it. It develops a set of skills, knowledge and values that enables students to understand the economic forces which affect their everyday lives, their society and their economy at local, national and global levels, making them more informed as decisionmakers.


The objectives of Leaving Certificate Economics are to enable students to:  

  • understand the economy within which people act locally, nationally and globally  
  • appreciate the ethical, historical, social and environmental dimensions of economics, and reflect on how economics contributes to the social and political development of society  
  • build their knowledge and understanding of economic terminology, concepts and principles, and develop the skills needed to apply this knowledge and understanding to familiar and unfamiliar situations  
  • develop skills in critical and creative thinking around contemporary economic, political and social issues, while appreciating different perspectives, and providing informed solutions to a problem  
  • research and analyse qualitative and quantitative economic information and data from various sources, present and justify conclusions and make informed decisions  
  • discuss, explain and communicate the outcomes of their analysis and activities in verbal, graphical and other forms, using technology where appropriate.

Source: Economics Curriculum Specification page 7 

Final SEC Assessment  

Assessment for certification is based on the aim, objectives and learning outcomes of this specification.  

Differentiation at the point of assessment is achieved through examinations at two levels – Ordinary level and Higher level. Assessment components There are two assessment components at each level:   written examination (80%)  research study (20%).  

Both components of assessment reflect the relationship between the application of skills and the theoretical content of the specification.  

Overview of Final SEC Assessment 

RCC Economics Department Assessment 

  • Oral Q&A
  • Pre-topic Anticipation Exercises
  • Post-topic oral and written tests
  • Formal end of term house exams
  • Past exam papers (available by clicking here. )
  • Scoilnet Quizzes, is the online quiz section of the Scoilnet site.  The Economics quizzes are available by clicking he

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