Aims and objectives:

That students will acquire an awareness and understanding of the processes

involved in their physical, social and economic environment in relation to Ireland,

Europe and the world. They also develop a range of practical, social, valuing and

communication skills, which are of geographical and general significance.


  • ‘Geography is the study of people and their relationship with their environment’, (Department of Education and Science syllabus).
  • The philosophy of the Geography Department is to assist students in coming to an understanding of this relationship in an interesting, challenging and rewarding way, where students are able to ‘function more effectively as members of society’, (syllabus).
  • The subject is taught and learned in an environment that is open, inclusive and supportive. A variety of teaching methodologies and resources are used to cater for the different ways in which a student learns. It is studied against the ‘background of a world’ (syllabus) that shows us:

Multi-cultural societies

Sharp social and economic inequalities

Increasing pace of socio-economic change

Declining environmental quality in many regions



In the course of their studies students should acquire, develop and practice skills in:

  • Map interpretation
  • Figure interpretation
  • Photograph analysis
  • Numerical skills and calculations
  • Picture interpretation
  • Figure drawing
  • Map drawing
  • Fieldwork/Street work
  • Sampling

Course Content:

The leaving cert geography syllabus is divided into core, electives and option topics.

In year one physical and regional syllabus units are covered.

In year two core unit 3- the geographical field study, elective 5-patterns and processes in the human environment and option 7 and ecology are covered.