Physical Education

As part of senior cycle education, it is envisaged that physical education will be available in two forms; 

1) Leaving Certificate Physical Education as a subject which will be assessed as part of the Leaving Certificate examinations for the first time in 2020.  

2) The senior cycle physical education (SCPE) framework which has a different purpose and focus. It provides a flexible planning tool for physical education for all students in senior cycle and will not be assessed as part of the Leaving Certificate examination.  

Learners can experience success in different ways in physical education. For some, the pursuit of excellence and the achievement of sporting goals will be the focus. For some, organising, leading and facilitating others to be physically active will be the measure of success. For others, including regular physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle will represent a successful outcome. The use of different curriculum models in conjunction with those physical activities selected by a class group and their teacher is at the heart of teaching and learning in SCPE. 

Senior Cycle Key skills: 

Physical Education incorporates all the key skills of the Senior Cycle  

Overview of the programme; 

The SCPE Framework includes a number of areas of study representative of a range of practical activities, each of which have particular characteristics and contributes to the attainment of the overall aim of physical education. These areas of study are: 

  1. Health Related Physical Activity
  2. Sport Education 
  3. Contemporary issues in physical activity 
  4. Adventure Education
  5. Personal and social responsibility 

Teaching games for understanding 

We at RCC cover all these six areas over the Senior Cycle.