Mission Statement

TY French in RCC aims to increase the student’s ability to express himself/herself in French and to make students aware of the way of life in France and the French culture.

The following aims and objectives are informed by this statement.


  • To increases cultural awareness of France and other French speaking countries. Group project on La Francophonie
  • To develop and enhance the four language skills, Reading, Writing, Listening and Oral
  • To run language based event in the school: European Language Day
  • Introduce/Build on multi-media and ICT in Language Learning
  • Develop skills and understanding of how languages are taught and learned by teaching a primary school class.
  • To read comprehensions from authentic texts, magazines, newspapers and internet, including up to date articles.
  • Το participate in French Theatre for schools. A drama group will visit the school to put on a French play
  • To expose and Immerse students in authentic French situations, by use of French film(s) with worksheets concentrating on language and cultural elements (Inc. trip to Cinema, also run Les Intouchables in one viewing in school)
  • To write a diary/scrapbook every second week concentrating on all aspects of TY year and all extra-curricular activities, thus enhancing and furthering French vocabulary
  • To revise and build on as well as practice French grammar
  • To practice already learned, and acquire new French vocabulary both by writing diaries and following specific French course book, Make The Transition

Department Aims

  • To introduce fun elements to language learning
  • To improve oral fluency and confidence of students in French
  • To revise basic grammar and vocabulary
  • To improve students’ cultural awareness of France
  • To focus on learner autonomy through project and presentation work
  • To incorporate the use of I.T. where appropriate

Department Objectives

 By the end of the year students should:

  • Be able to converse more fluently and confidently in French, while at the same time using more advanced  and sophisticated phrases and sentence structures
  • Have a greater knowledge of French culture, especially the French school system
  • Have a greater understanding of French Film
  • Be able to present a project in French