As part of the Transition Year Programme at Roscommon Community College, students complete a module in Irish Criminal Law. This course serves as an introduction for Transition Year students to the realities of the Criminal Law System in our society, as removed from the glamorous, dramatic and often sensationalised world depicted in film, television and indeed the tabloid press. The module aims to give a balanced overview of, not only what is expected of young people in our modern society, but also of their rights, should they for any reason come into contact with the criminal justice system

The real-life scenarios with which students will be presented, reflect the module’s aim to educate for both maturity and social awareness. Students are encouraged to think for themselves, especially with regard to evaluating existing legislation with their teacher providing guidance as to where moral discussions might lead. The course is worthwhile in that it teaches students about issues of which they need to be aware but which do not currently form part of the established programme. It draws connections between a large number of TY modules so as to make the year as a whole more aligned and comprehensive. This will allow students to make sense of the skills learned in preparation for Senior Cycle Curricula, and indeed, life as responsible adults.

The course is made up of four modules:

  •  The elements of a crime
  • The role of the Gardai and the processes of arrest
  • The Irish Prison System
  • The Irish Court System

Students are given the opportunity to engage in learning outside the classroom through visits to the local Garda station, the local Courts of Law and through talks from prison officers. Students are exposed to a variety of multi-media experiences ranging from documentaries to authentic court reports. Their attention is also drawn to other areas of law such as Constitutional Law, EU Law and the Law of Torts.

Solicitors of the Future 2016 / 2017

Roscommon Community College are delighted to congratulate Sam Fitzmaurice who has been nominated to represent our school at the Law Society of Ireland’s “Solicitors of the Future” programme. Sam has recently completed a course in Criminal Law in RCC as part of his Transition Year and will attend this four day course in Blackhall Place, Dublin in February. Congratulations Sam!

TY students who visited the Roscommon Garda Station as part of their Criminal Law module.