Students that opt out of the BT Young Scientist and Scifest project work will participate in lessons ranging across all three strands of Leaving Certificate Science. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are all taught with the aim of giving students a taste for each subject prior to deciding on their subjects for 5th year. There is a strong emphasis on ICT in the classroom and students engage in fun lessons and projects in order to develop proficiency in completing science projects with the goal of enhancing their understanding of what is required by each subject for the Leaving Cert curriculum. This module gives the students a better idea of what strand in science they may be best suited to, improving their chances of excelling at a particular subject throughout 5th and 6th year.

Topics covered throughout the TY classroom based module include:

• Biology: Respiration, Photosynthesis, Ecology.

• Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Electron Arrangement, Ionic and Covalent Bonding

• Physics: Light, Heat and Heat Transfer, Temperature and the Thermometer.