RCC hosted its eagerly anticipated annual Literacy Week from Monday, March 4th to Friday, March 8th, offering a diverse range of activities and events designed to celebrate language and literacy across the school community. Students and staff enthusiastically embraced the week’s festivities, engaging in an array of competitions meticulously organized by our Literacy Team and dedicated ‘Everyone a Reader’ Committee. From the engaging Match the Shelfie to the Selfie Competition, from the insightful Book Reviews and Blurbs to the captivating Short Story Writing challenge, participation was nothing short of fantastic.

Teachers actively participated alongside students, adorning their classroom doors with
imaginative themes inspired by literature and film. Daily sparking lively discussions among staff and students alike. The week commenced with an enthralling debate presented by RCC’s Senior Debate team, where the motion ‘Humans should not eat meat’ spurred eloquent arguments and skilful rebuttals. Congratulations to our debaters Daniel Hegarty, Jade Yeung, Liam Naughten, and Aidan Gormley, along with Chairperson Orla Norris and adjudicator Mr. Timmons for their commendable contributions. Additionally, students were treated to a captivating performance of a scene from ‘Sive’ by J.B. Keane, skilfully executed by our TY Drama Students under the direction of Ms. Doyle and Ms. Cleary, igniting a passion for the performing arts among the audience.

A highlight of Literacy Week was the spirited celebration of World Book Day, where students and teachers showcased their creativity with inventive literary costumes, bringing beloved characters to life. Furthermore, first-year students were delighted to receive tokens for free books from Newsround, a local bookshop, fostering a love for reading within the community. In a heartwarming display of community engagement, RCC welcomed local 4th class primary pupils for a creative writing workshop facilitated by Ms Connelly and Mr Devaney, aided by our enthusiastic TY students. Simultaneously, fifth-year pupils delighted preschoolers with a charming performance of ‘The Gruffalo’, spreading the joy of reading and storytelling to younger generations.

Wrapping up the week, fifth-year students engaged in a spirited Wordle Competition, showcasing their vocabulary prowess with enthusiasm. Congratulations to the triumphant 5C team! The Literacy Team extends their appreciation to all participants for their enthusiastic involvement, noting the invaluable inspiration derived from witnessing students’ genuine interest for reading and learning.

RCC Senior Debate Team debating the topic ‘Humans should not eat meat’ as part of Literacy Week