On the 13th of December, the RCC U-19 senior girls soccer team took on the Mercy Secondary School Ballymahon in Longford. This was RCC’s second league match after beating the Ballymahon Vocational School in the previous game. In the first half, the game was fast-paced and intense, with both sides displaying great skill and determination. RCC had several opportunities to score, but unfortunately, luck was not on their side. They created numerous scoring chances, with their forwards making clever runs and their midfielders delivering accurate passes however the Mercy goalkeeper was in exceptional form, making several outstanding saves to deny RCC’s attempts. Unfortunately, the Mercy Ballymahon were clinical in front of goal in the first half and found themselves four-nil up at halftime. In the second half, RCC made an impressive comeback. They came out onto the field with renewed energy and a strategic game plan, determined to get back in the game. It was Paige Caslin who kick-started the comeback for RCC. With her exceptional skill and precision, she managed to score a stunning goal from outside the Mercy box and into the top right-hand corner of the net. RCC continued to push forward with determination and their efforts paid off once again when Andrea Fallon found herself in the perfect position in the middle of the Mercy Ballymahon box and only had the simple job of tapping the ball into the Ballymahon net leaving RCC only two goals behind. However, despite their valiant efforts, RCC conceded another goal to the Mercy Ballymahon and this proved too big of a hill to climb for RCC. RCC had conceded a penalty and Ena Dupanovic the RCC goalkeeper made an outstanding save but unfortunately for Ena and RCC the rebound fell to the Mercy Ballymahon player who tapped the ball into the net. RCC kept battling until the final whistle, but it was the Mercy Ballymahon that emerged as the victors. Despite the defeat the RCC senior girls’ soccer team have qualified for the next round of West Leinster where they eagerly await their next opponents.