Recently RCC celebrated wellbeing week. Throughout the week we focused on the six indicators of being active, responsible, connected, resilient, respected, and aware. Each morning mood boosting  music was played in the GP room to get everyone set up for the day!
All students and staff engaged in the 11 at 11, where an exercise was called out over the intercom and everyone carried out it out, whether it be squats, lunges or jumping jacks!
On Wednesday TYs went on a forest walk to connect with their classmates on their final day of the year. It also allowed them to be active in their local environment.
Wednesday also seen our staff go on a staff walk and talk. Thanks to the 5th year students who provided the entertainment and music along the way!
Thursday involved lots of wellbeing with the school sports day. Lots of fun, laughter and exercise was on the menu and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. We finished off the week on Friday, recalling l 11 things we are all grateful for and that make us happy.
Thank you to everyone who engaged with this week, it is so important to highlight the important of wellbeing to both students and staff.