11th November 2022

A group of 6th year Leaving Certificate English students attended a production of ‘Macbeth’ in the Dean Crowe Theatre, Athlone, performed by the Gaiety School of Acting. Directed by Martin Maguire, a familiar face in RCC, the production certainly did not disappoint.

Macbeth, the central character, begins this Shakespearean tragedy as a brave and loyal thane to King Duncan. However, after hearing a prophecy that he will become king himself, Macbeth is overcome by ambition and greed. Encouraged by the prophecy and his scheming wife, he kills King Duncan and seizes the throne. Afterwards, Macbeth’s guilt, fear, and paranoia lead him to commit even more murders to secure his power. His confidence in the prophecies eventually leads to his downfall, and he is overthrown and killed by those he has wronged.

Students enjoyed a thrilling performance of the play and in an instant, they were captivated by the energetic and convincing performances of the actors. It was agreed by all that every aspect of the production was praiseworthy. What made the performance particularly entertaining was cast creating the sound effects onstage by use of a variety of musical instruments. This element of the production added greatly to the tension and suspense that already dominates the lines of the script.

Students also engaged in a post-performance workshop where they had the opportunity to discuss Shakespeare’s characterisation and some of the prominent themes that emerge from the text.


It was marvellous performance and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.