23rd December 2022

With the Holiday season upon us it is important for us to think of ways to have an eco-friendly holiday. This can be achieved in many ways.

Small things like making or upcycling holiday cards, making your own decorations with old items for example gnomes made from old paper cups, shop local, avoid glittery wrapping paper and avoiding food waste can all make a significant impact.

A green holiday can also be achieved by doing bigger things like buying a locally sourced, sustainably grown tree. Alternatively, if you already have one at home you could reuse a false tree. Another clever idea is to buy things like reusable water bottles, bees wax candles and anything sustainable from a small local business, these items make great gifts as they save money and the planet!

Personalized gifts are also a fantastic option for people this year. Simple things like a homemade batch of cookies or a handmade clay pot, these items hold a bigger sentimental value than something like a gift card that’s gone after you spend it.

Please use public transport during the Christmas holidays. It has become much more affordable than travelling by car. For example, a child under the age of five travels free on the train, and from the age of five to eighteen years, a child can travel with a return ticket to Athlone for as little as €4.89 and an adult the same.

I hope these ideas will help you, your family and friends have a green and eco-friendly holiday season!


Article Credit: Alanna Cleary & Layla Mulvany (2nd Year)