On an evening filled with heartwarming carols and festive music flair, students, staff, parents, and the local community came together in the Abbey Hotel to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

The school choir, comprised of sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses, alongside an ensemble of musicians took centre stage to showcase their talents in a Christmas setting. From the piano, drums and guitars to clarinet, flute, whistles, concertinas, accordion and bodhrán, each instrument played a pivotal role in creating a musical performance that captivated the audience.

Under the direction of music teachers Ms Amanda Smyth and Ms Yvonne Doyle, traditional carols were blended with contemporary renditions ranging from ‘Hark the Hearld’ and ‘O Holy Night’ to ‘Joy to the World, A Christmas Prayer’, ‘Christmas the Way I Remember’, and a Welsh melody ‘Na Hú ó Hó.’ The school Chamber Choir’s inaugural performance of ‘While Shepherds Watched their Flock by Night’, under the guidance of Ms Laura Mannion, added an extra layer of magic to the event.

Solo and duet vocal performances also featured Poppy Farrell, Debora da Silva, Mairéad Lohan, Kayleigh Fox, Alanna Cleary, Conor Pearce and Aideen Pearce left the audience with a sense of awe. Adding a touch of classical elegance, siblings Juan and Beane Hwang graced the stage with a graceful performance of ‘Winter’ from Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’ on clarinet and flute, accompanied by their mother on piano.

One of the evening’s highlights was the captivating performance of ‘The Polar Express’, where a resounding train whistle performed by Sophie Cox echoed through the venue, accompanied by a lively train conductor, also known as Daniel Hegarty, who interacted with the audience with an element of playfulness and entertainment!

Staff members also took the spotlight with an expressive rendition of ‘Winter, Fire and Snow’ featuring a vocal solo from Ms Conneely, haunting notes on the tin whistle from Ms Doyle, piano accompaniment from Ms Smyth and rhythmic accompaniment on bodhrán from Mr Donlon. Such participation underscored the collaborative spirit that defines Roscommon Community College.

Additionally, musical performances were enhanced by fitting recitations, adding a touch of nostalgia and sentimentality. Some recitations such as ‘Christmas Lesson’ and ‘Candlelit Heart’ brought a tear to the eye with their poignant reflections while others such as ‘’Twas the Month after Christmas’ had the audience doubled over with laughter. In the spirit of inclusivity and diversity, the carol service embraced the multicultural fabric of the community, with recitations based on unity, hope and community delivered in Irish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Slovak and Korean.

Principal Ms Georgina Keena acknowledged the ‘spectacular talent and musicianship that was on display’ and thanked the students and staff for their dedication and commitment in delivering a superb performance. She also thanked parents and the local community for their unwavering support. Finally, in a surprise visit, Santa and one of his elves brought further festive cheer to the occasion.